Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Whole House Efficiency Program?

The Whole House Efficiency Program can help you identify areas in your home that may be wasting valuable energy by providing an in-home energy audit at no additional cost. A professionally trained energy specialist will come to your home and gather information on the current condition of the home, air conditioning and heating systems, appliances, and how you use the energy in the home. All information will be computer analyzed and the energy specialist will provide you with a personalized evaluation to identify improvements that can be made to save you energy and money.

The service may include:

  • Air filtration diagnostic test to find air leaks
  • Customized report with energy efficiency recommendations
  • Energy savings booklet
  • Instant energy-savings upgrades such as high efficiency light bulbs, water heater insulation wrap, low-flow showerhead, duct sealing, weather-stripping, caulking, door sweeps, and more.

What is involved during an energy audit?

Kentucky Power’s goal is to make you aware of how much energy is inadvertently being wasted in your home, and what you can do to reduce your energy consumption.

An energy audit takes stock of the energy consumption in your home. It’s one of the first steps you can take to understand your home’s power usage, airflow and the functionality and efficiency of your heating and cooling appliances.

Here is what you can expect from a Whole House Efficiency Audit:

The energy specialist will go over a total history of your home, such as age, construction type, size, etc. If you don’t know we may be able to determine this. The energy specialist will conduct a visual inspection. This may include examining the attic and dark corners of your roof and basement carefully. They will use the buildup of moisture as a measuring stick—if there’s condensation on the inside of your house, chance are you’ve got an energy leak.

They will check your insulation. An insulation check will reveal weaknesses in the barrier and, in some cases, a lack of insulation altogether. Infrared light should be used during the insulation check.

The energy specialist will perform an air leakage test. This will ensure that no air is leaking from trouble spots in your home. If air is leaking, the energy specialist can pinpoint the areas where you need to reseal your home’s walls.

An inspection of your heating system and stoves will be performed. They energy specialist will then tell you whether you need to perform any duct cleaning or tune-ups.

Throughout most of this time you will be very much involved and are encouraged to accompany the energy specialist as they go over your house top to bottom. This allows you to bring many problems to our attention that perhaps you forgot to mention. It also allows us to point out things as we go.

Following your thorough walk-through, we will sit down with you and review many items. We will thoroughly review your electricity and appliance usage. When you receive our written report you will see firsthand how much you could save on each energy-use source in your home. If it runs on electricity we will determine what it costs you based on your personal usage, not just an average. We will also review with you the amount of heating fuel you use.

With the aid of our diagnostic tools we will be able to tell where your home may be lacking insulation. We can also tell you how “tight” or “loose” your home may be with the aid of state-of-the-art blower door test. This test is in no way harmful to your home.

By the time we complete your personal home energy audit and you receive our detailed written report, you will have a very good understanding of your energy use. Most importantly, you will now know what needs to be done to save you money and the cost effectiveness of certain home improvements.

What measures are included in the Whole House Efficiency Program?

In addition to the Home Energy report, these measures may be included in the assessment and installed by the energy specialist:

  • High-efficiency light bulbs (CFL/LED)
  • Domestic hot water pipe insulation
  • Water heater insulation wrap
  • Low-flow showerhead
  • Low-flow faucet aerator
  • Weather-stripping, caulking, door sweep
  • Duct sealing

Who conducts the energy audit?

A Kentucky Power energy specialist will conduct the walk-through audit and installation of appropriate energy efficiency measures. Each energy specialist carries a Kentucky Power identification badge.

Who installs the rebate measures?

If you or a Kentucky Power certified, preferred contractor make any of the suggested improvements, you may qualify for program rebates which are installed and purchased through our Preferred Contractor Network. Smart Programmable Thermostat, wall insulation, crawl space insulation, and basement sidewall insulation are the only measures allowed to be self-installed. Contractors can be located by calling our call center 1-866-225-0686, searching online at or by email at

Are there any charges involved with this audit?

As a service available to qualifying AEP Kentucky Power residential customers, the energy audit is at no additional charge. If you decide to make improvements to your home, such as an upgraded heat pump, insulation, or air sealing, there are costs associated based on the contractor you choose. If you participate in the eligible self-install measures, there will be applicable equipment and/or materials costs.

How do I sign up for an audit?

You can sign up by calling our customer call center at 1-866-225-0686 and speak with a customer service representative or enroll online at

When will I receive my Home Energy Report?

The energy specialist will review the report with you immediately after the audit is completed. The report will provide information on additional energy improvements that can be made and will be left with you following the audit.

How long will the audit take?

For homes that are all electric a typical audit conducted by our energy specialist will take approximately 3 hours depending on the size of the home. For those homes that have gas and electric it will take 1 ½ hours. Only homes that are all electric will receive the blower door test.

Will energy savings measures be installed the same day as my audit?

Yes, the energy specialist will complete the installation of the energy saving measures mentioned above on the same day. If you choose to take advantage of additional rebate measures savings improvements, you will be responsible to schedule these improvements on a later date of your choice.

Do I need to be home during the energy audit?

Yes, it is required that a Kentucky Power account holder be home during the audit.

What areas of my home will the energy specialist need access to during the audit?

The energy specialist will need access to every room in the home excluding closets (unless there is a hole in the closet wall that is allowing outside air to infiltrate into the interior of the home), the exterior of the home, the attic, and the basement and/or crawlspace.

Who is eligible?

All owner occupied, single-family residential detached home customers, including mobile homes and duplexes, or single-family non-owner occupied residential detached homes where the electrical service is in the occupant’s name and with written consent of the owner. Town homes and apartments are eligible. Commercial customers are not eligible.

Is an energy audit really worth it?

Yes. Heating and cooling makes up approximately 40% of your electric bill. For every air or duct leak you seal, you keep the warm or cold air produced inside your home from leaking to the outside, saving you money on heating and cooling bills and improving your comfort levels.

What are some of the cost-effective improvements that I can make to my home?

Depending on the home, improvements may include sealing gaps, cracks and other leaks that let outside air into your home. Recommendations for subsequent work may include adding attic insulation, and sealing and insulating ductwork that runs through the attic or crawlspace. Improvements may also include repairing an old, less efficient heating system with a new high efficiency heat pump.

Can a customer use any contractor or only a participating contractor?

The work must be completed by a contractor who has registered with our network. Kentucky Power has built a contractor network of approved and qualified professionals to complete the work eligible for rebates. All HVAC work must be performed by a Master Licensed contractor or a Journeyman working under a Master License. The contractor search can be found at or call us to find a participating contractor at 1-866-225-0686.

What are the requirements a contractor must satisfy to participate in the Whole House Efficiency Program?

The contractor is required to have quality assurance guidelines.

QA guidelines require documentation of 100% of rebate projects, as well as site visits of at least 10% of randomly selected insulation and air-sealing projects, including:

  • 100% of first 3 projects completed by each subcontractor
  • additional projects completed by each subcontractor

Site visits will include interviews with you, as well as completion of blower door tests (all electric-only homes), combustion safety tests, and other measurements necessary to confirm that contractor installations meet BPI Building Envelope standards. Quality assurance protocols will also include procedures for visiting some projects prior to project completion to view installations in process and for allowing energy specialists and subcontractors to contest and/or remediate results not meeting program standards.

  • Technicians must be trained to RESNET/BPI standards. Participating vendors must provide evidence of general liability insurance coverage of at least $1 million.
  • Evidence of workers compensation insurance with at least statutory minimum limits.
  • Evidence of business/contractor’s license.
  • No unresolved conflicts on file with the Better Business Bureau.

Does the rebate go to the contractor or the customer?

The rebate can go to either the customer or the contractor. It should be noted on the rebate application form and have the necessary information. Payment will be issued to the account holder and mailing address on record with the utility unless the customer has authorized payment be made to the contractor spelled out in the rebate application. Kentucky power will issue incentive payments in the form of check, not utility credits or gift cards. They will be sent to the customer or contractor, whoever is noted on the form.

Do I still qualify for the rebate if I buy my electric energy from a supplier other than Kentucky Power?

No, in order to qualify, the homeowner must be an individually metered residential customer, with an active Kentucky Power account number.

I am a commercial customer. Can I get an upgrade of my HVAC equipment?

No, at this time the Whole House Efficiency Program is open to residential customers only. For information on Kentucky Power commercial energy efficiency programs, visit

Can a customer complete the Rebate Application online?

No, the rebate application paperwork should be filled out onsite by both the customer and the contractor.

Mail your completed application and other required documents to this address:

Kentucky Power Whole House Efficiency Program
2700 Blankenbaker Pkwy, Suite 150
Louisville, KY 40299
Email to or fax to 502-470-7770

How do I check the status of my rebate?

You may check the status of your rebate by calling 1-866-225-0686.

Is there a deadline to apply for the rebate incentives?

Work must be completed by December 31st 31st of the current program year. Rebate forms must be received within 90 days of the completed work to receive the rebate.

How will I receive my rebate?

Kentucky power will issue incentive payments in the form of check, not utility credits or gift cards. They will be sent to the customer or contractor, whoever is noted on the form.